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The printery AXIMA was established in 1992. Its essential aim is to guarantee complete performance of offered services, that respond to the customers needs. Our production budget and manufacturing program is focussed on printing of all sorts of presentation matter and print onto, covers, lids, labels or folio materials. AXIMA provides a single source for your printing, packaging, and marketing needs.

Quality, rapidity, flexibility and good price / printing expenses constitute a solid basis for business relations of long standing with our clients. Our customers range in size from small businesses to large high-volume manufacturers, doing business locally, nationally, and in marketplaces Europewide.

We ensure complete maintenance service for companies, firms and businesses, beginning with graphic proposal and design and ending with expedition to the customer. Each customer is free to choose from a wide variety of product lines and assortments, that incorporate selection of paper, cover, wrapper materials, various kinds of varnish and paint including miscellaneous mechanical treatments in the process of completion. AXIMA is a fully self-acting and established producer unit with a graphic-design studio, including production of printing blocks, high quality printing and complete book (letterpress) printing workmanship. We are printing specialists, trying to keep always up to date with education and innovation in our field of performance. To perfectly content our clients, now when we are a part of Europe we prepare several discounts as for the work up of labels so upon the whole sortiment offered. We look forward working with you!

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