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Graphic studio 
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To guarantee first-grade quality and effective services, therefore serves our well equipped graphic studio. It allows to content the client´s needs, performing ideas, focusing on graphic proposals or requirements dealing with the workouts of data or information necessary for the given print-technique and finally bringing them to life.
Our team are at your disposal, when searching for a way how to compose and work up motives for printing. Our specialists are ready to help you to reach the desired effect with detailed work-outs of every material you deliver.
The admissions and outlets can be realized through this media:

  • CD´s
  • DVD´s
  • Downloads
  • Hard-disk-drives (HDD)
  • Diskettes 3.5” 1,44MB
  • e-mail

The correction and rectification is especially effective, it runs and works through internet, so the customer receives the proposed work up, is able to look at it, correct it and finally to respond quickly, bringing also own ideas.
Work up of digital data is included. In case of a personal visitation, the correction can be made immediately by our graphic-master hands.